Having Maniac Music Inc. do the COMPLETE INSTALLATION INTO YOUR GUITAR Go to our new AUX-BOARD PAGE for examples of simplified installations using these new boards. When you have two batteries, Offset pickups, like G&L Commanche, or "P"-bass type pickup. When the sustainer is OFF, the driver functions as an active neck pickup. Also, you don't have to blast your ears with dangerous sound levels of a large amp. ESP LTD EC-1000 FR Snow White Floyd EMG + Sustainiac EC1000FR-S EXCLUSIVE We had a Sustainiac Pickup installed in one of our Exclusive SNOW WHITE with Floyd Models. With a Sustainiac pickup, EMG Active 81 pickup and Floyd Rose tremolo, the Schecter Damien Platinum 6 FR-S guitar will blow minds and keep your fingers busy. See the next topic for details on this. If you are not experienced, we recommend that you Stealth PRO sustainer kit. CIRCUIT BOARD: Granted, there is now a separate trimpot for HARMONIC mode on all the Rev. This includes most "shredder" type guitars with H-S-S pickup configuration, and many 2-HB guitars. So, you never lose its function and become "stranded" at a gig. Lace "Alumitone". wiredminds.count(); Great deals on Sustainiac. (But its polarity is reversed from most other pickups, so to compensate for this you have They also both perform identically as a driver. describing our SEMI-INSTALLATION options Also, I think that with the sustainer off, as a neck pickup, the Sustainiac sounds better than the Fernandes, which was a bit thin and lacking character, compared to the Sustainiac which sounds like a fat single coil. ORGANIZE YOUR ORDER page, or the EMAIL ORDER FORM Copy and paste this page into an email addressed to us. before everything is working smoothly. details that must be sorted out, but nothing very major: Hit the "BACK" button at the top of the page to return to the previous page. Otherwise, oscillation can result. This page contains printable installation drawings, installation manual, etc. When the Sustainiac is OFF, the Sustainiac driver is used as an At the neck is a Sustainiac pickup, which features a Sustainaic toggle … We sell the single battery case for $16. with FULL ESP … Electric Guitar Pickups, Bass Guitar Pickups, Acoustic Guitar Pickups and Accessories - EMG Active & Passive Pickups - over 25 Years of Active Pickup Technology - The original active pickup. An INSTALLATION PAGE contains installation explanations and diagrams for specific guitar types and models. When you think you might be about ready to order, there is a page for Organizing your order. Piezos and digital modelled pickups, etc. It takes about 15-20 minutes. Over the years we spend much time and communicating by telephone The Duncan "Vintage More details But for many guitar models this will produce a superior Sustainiac installation and save hours of labor. DO NOT PUT TWO BATTERIES IN SERIES TO MAKE 18 VOLTS. HEXAPHONIC MODEL Hear examples on the SOUND PAGE. SEMI-INSTALL OPTION FOR MOST GUITAR TYPES: $75.00-85.00 We do 90% of the work. On this page of the website, you will see standard SEMI-INSTALLATIONS for the following guitar types: NOT-RECOMMENDED GUITAR TYPES AND OTHER PROBLEM SETUPS: ABOUT COIL-TAPPING: Humbuckers have two coils that are arranged in series in a way that each coil produces an equal-but-opposite response to external magnetic "hum" fields (they "cancel"), and equal but same response to wm_track_alt=''; You can make it darker by adding a resistor or pot between one of the circuit board wires and ground (see Installation page for specific info on this). ELECTROMAGNETIC STRING DRIVER TRANSDUCER: 9-VOLT BATTERY AND OTHER POWER SUPPLY OPTIONS, SEMI-INSTALL OPTION FOR MOST GUITAR TYPES: $75.00-85.00. (same brand). are given on the INSTALLATION page. We take Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, money order, USA checks. The HB-size driver is identical to the SC-size driver, except for the size of the baseplate that it is mounted on. You can then save this "glob" of parts to restore your guitar to its original condition if desired with very with no processing or change in its original sound. When the sustainer is OFF, an amplifier circuit on the board These are links to various pages that go into detail about certain aspects of installing and using the Stealth PRO. Neck Pickup. " electromagnetic-type sustainer, INSTALLATION INTO GUITARS WITH How the Sustainiac Stealth PRO sustainer works, 8-PAGE INSTALLATION MANUAL This is the manual that comes with the Stealth PRO kit. INSTALLATION PAGE Installation notes, drawings, and details for specific guitar types guitar models without having to do any routing. Bridge pickup type for each kit. We had a Sustainiac Pickup installed in one of our Exclusive SNOW WHITE with Floyd Models. The Sustainiac Stealth PRO works very well in guitars with active pickups (such as EMG etc.). You don't HAVE to use 25K controls as many people think. Your bridge pickup packs powerful overdrive and a full and heavy distortion perfect for rock or metal, and the Sustainiac neck pickup … If you leave your guitar on a stand with the cord plugged in, and don't play for a few days, BOTH batteries will die. Options are available. It HAS to be this way, because the driver must be physically distant from the pickup that provides Also, it has noticeably less hum than a typical passive humbucker. TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THE STEALTH PRO PAGE The push-pull control option allows the same control to serve as a sustain intensity control, (Black only for 7-string driver) Passive or Active? ABOUT FEEDBACK SUSTAIN what it is, why it is good When the Sustainiac is OFF, the Sustainiac driver is used as an active pickup. This is described further down the page. The neck-position Sustainiac humbucking pickup … I see this circulated around a lot, especially as of late, with a lot of players switching over to passives. pickup selector, volume and tone controls. Same thing for guitars having hexaphonic pickups such as the Roland GK-2a for a few other wires to ground. DRIVER SIZE: The Aux boards won't fit into smallish cavities. dangerously loud levels. This includes all parts, controls, driver, and circuit board. Many more details are given on the INSTALLATION PAGE, along with hookup drawings of the most popular guitar types. 9-PIN JACK HUMBUCKER SOUND: The humbucker sound is very fat, similar to a stock "59" sound, but can have much higher output if you Electric Guitar Pickups, Bass Guitar Pickups, Acoustic Guitar Pickups and Accessories - EMG Active & Passive Pickups - over 25 Years of Active Pickup Technology - The original active pickup. pickup selector switch. See this PDF drawing: Stealth PRO circuit board dimensions It runs on a single 9-volt battery. 6-string Solidbody Electric Guitar with Quilt Maple Top, Mahogany Body, Maple Neck, Ebony Fingerboard, 1 EMG Active Humbucking Pickup, 1 Sustainiac Humbucking Pickup, and Floyd Rose … A Fierce Schecter Shred Machine with Endless Sustain! In this case, you must mount the bridge-position driver so that it no longer is slanted.) You install the board inside the electronics cavity of your electric guitar. We set out to design the Sustainiac Stealth series of sustainers to solve the main problems of all previous sustainers. Click here for a PDF file of our 8-page installation book that we include with each kit. When the sustainer is sustaining a note, battery current drain is about 50 milliamperes (ma). SUSTAINIAC "AUX-TT" BOARD. They work by creating a magnetic field that forces your strings to vibrate. ORGANIZE YOUR ORDER page, or the EMAIL ORDER FORM. with Gear Orphanage Warranty! BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE SUSTAINIAC â wm_group_name='/services/webpages/s/u/sustainiac.com/secure'; All information is presented in an outline/checklist manner. Pickup equalization is done on the circuit … etc. Go to the CONTROLS PAGE for more info on the different options for Sustainiac Stealth PRO sustainer controls. NEW EXPANDED SEMI-INSTALL OPTION : We do 90% of the work on most guitar models, not just Strats. SIX DRIVER OPTIONS; The two drivers at the bottom of the photo are for 7-string guitars (and 5-string basses). This page is linked frequently in the website, because it is so important. If you have a guitar with SC bridge pickup but a Stealth PRO with HB equalization, you will have a weak NORMAL mode, and a HARMONIC mode that will likely squeal (oscillate) because it has too much gain for the SC bridge pickup. Click here for a WIRE FUNCTION DIAGRAM, showing the function of each color-coded wire. to the pickup selector. Alternatively, we offer a Semi-Install option , where we do 90% of the work. By this, we mean the two wires that are We now have a separate webpage that is dedicated to this: Stealth PRO SEMI-INSTALLATION page. Low resolution kit pix (8kb); High resolution kit pix (71kb) BUT REMEMBER: When we ship a circuit board, we ask the customer to specify whether the guitar has a The Schecter Hellraiser C-1 with Floyd Rose Sustaniac Electric Guitar is an electric guitar … Also see link at the bottom of this page). for people who have this model, thick (95mm x 28mm x 12.5mm). Its patented bilateral design makes magnetic field cancellation from the driver nearly perfect. EMG's Retro Active humbucker utilizes a specially designed active preamp system and passive-style coils for a tone that boasts vintage clarity with modern power. The driver height is 0.85 inches (21.6mm) for both HB and SC. That being said I've found the tone knob to be very versatile in getting that cream from the EMG … Granted, there’s nothing wrong with passive pickups … (In some applications, it can replace the bridge pickup. The only way to tell is to use a permanent magnet to determine its polepiece configuration.) the pickguard to do any adjustment, then fit everything back together again. This means that they put out 9 volts AT RATED CURRENT. 6-string DRIVER with DIMENSIONS The Sustainiac will function with a bridge humbucker having a coil-tap switch. If you want to use this function to switch between SC and HB, simply connect both wires to ground with a toggle or push-pull switch. do this is to use a special. details that must be sorted out, but nothing very major: EMG pickups have reversed … It kind of works, but not quite. (35mm), SC width is 0.7 in. But, you usually have to drill new holes in the guitar body You can order directly from us. EMG pickups lack definition for high gain tones/sound muddy. The HARMONIC MODE control uses both the pot and the switch portion of the control, so the control ABOUT THE PICKUP SOUNDS: Ô This will work if both batteries are NEW AND IDENTICAL (Similar to having a microphone The circuit high impedance input is connected to your bridge pickup. We have revolutionized magnetic sustainers with the Stealth PRO sustainer and its predecessors. ELECTROMAGNETIC STRING DRIVER TRANSDUCER: The Sustainiac Stealth PRO sustain system drives the strings of an electric guitar into infinite feedback sustain of string vibrations by electromagnetic feedback. For most professional musicians, toggle controls are generally best. It will usually take between 3 and 12 hours, depending on the guitar type and the skill/experience of the installer. The sustainer circuit now amplifies the tiny driver pickup signal to a useable level.