View. This model was in production until Gretsch folded in 1981, reappeared between 1995 and 1999 as a US built reissue, and again since 2001 as a pro-line model, Made in Japan by Terada. The Hofner Club 40 was built from around 1953 until the early 1960’s, distributed by Selmer in the UK and very popular with skiffle groups and players, including both John Lennon and George Harrison. This 2009 Thomas Ribbecke Halfling archtop guitar was built especially for the 2009 Montreal Guitar Show, as an entry into the Red Collection grouping. or Best Offer. Here is a Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean 6119, dating to December of 1966, before the July 31 1967 sale of Gretsch to the Baldwin Piano Company. ©2020 The Twelfth Fret. $1,615.00. We’ve brought classic designs to life and into the … View Squier Affinity Starcaster Black . Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. It arrived via FedEx overnight, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Otherwise it has a relatively typical archtop construction – solid, hand carved spruce top, solid and hand carved flame maple back, solid flame maple sides and neck, and ebony for the fingerboard, bridge base, and tailpiece cover. Watch; Epiphone 2007 Sheraton II EB Black Archtop Electric Guitar … His large, fast hands earned him the nickname ‘the Octopus’. A thinline guitar in the tradition of the great jazz archtops. There’s a large round soundhole on the top located on the upper bass bout next to the fingerboard and Bartolini pickup. … Clean. Eastman Strings is one of the largest producers of archtop instruments in the world, including violins, cellos and other related instruments. Ebony is used for other components including the bridge, pickguard, tailpiece and truss rod cover. As stock, the Gibson ES125TDC – ES stands for Electric Spanish (as opposed to Hawaiian) and the TDC initials expand to Thinline, Double Pickup and with a Cutaway  has a pair of P-90 pickups with black plastic ‘Dog Ear’ covers, indicating the screw tabs used to mount the cover and pickup to the guitar top. ... 1 product rating - D'Angelico 2018 Excel EXL-1 Archtop Hollow Body Guitar Vintage Sunburst w/ Case. This instrument is from Mark's Standard series, and is perfect for the player who desires a full-voiced acoustic archtop with the comfort of a thinline 16" body. Eastman AR503CE Archtop Electric Guitar … Framus was known worldwide for their extraordinary quality and constant innovations when making guitars… Fans of traditional or modern jazz will feel right at home with our handcrafted take on archtop guitars. Douglas Harrison has been building arched top guitars for some years now and his GB Custom has been very popular, with most I have seen being true custom models, with varying tops and hardware configurations. PRODUCT SOLD OUT. PRODUCT SOLD OUT. TSP158C-12 SBL - NEW! Based on Paul McCartney’s 1962 Violin Bass, the Hofner 500/1 62 Reissue bass has delighted Hofner aficionados by replicating details of the original. I seldom buy a guitar sight unseen, but due to Conti’s exemplary customer service record, I decided to give it a try. The Duesenberg Starplayer TV Phonic Thinline Archtop Electric is a semi hollow, dual pickup, 22 fret electric thinline guitar, featuring arched top and flat back, bent sides, gold plated hardware and a 648mm (25.5 inch) scale. The Levin 335 M2 was a very popular guitar in Europe, featuring a carved Spruce top, arched Maple back and a pair of deArmond DynaSonic Pickups – just one on the M1 model. Carved Spruce Top, Solid Maple back and sides with warm, full tones from its comfortable thinline body. Free shipping. Buy It Now. Designed with – and originally for – the late Gary Benson and built in Toronto, Ontario, the Harrison GB uses a carved solid spruce top on a chambered back. As part of the Electromatic line, the Gretsch G5622T is built in Korea by Samick, with great results. $459.00. This Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe was built around 1947 based on the middle-position pickup type and location, control layout and the serial number. While the engineering team is credited with most of the design, it was apparently president Ted McCarty’s idea to put a solid Maple block through the center of the guitar. Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. The classic two volume and two tone control layout adds independent coil tapping for the pickups so you can get single coil style sounds for more tonal versatility. 2020 Eastman T386-RD Thinline Archtop … Based on the Club guitar, the Hofner 500/2 Club Bass was introduced in 1965 and built to 1970. This Godin gives off the aura and feel of a guitar from all our … Here is a lovely Harrison GB Custom Redwood Burl top thinline archtop, built in Toronto during 2017 and based on a design for the late jazz artist Gary Benson. This tobacco sunburst model became Lennon’s main guitar, and was later sanded and refinished natural. Very economical way to get a guard back on your guitar… This latest version has all of the great acoustic sound that we’ve come to expect from this model, with an added Johnny Smith style suspended neck pickup with adjustable pole pieces (gets perfect string-to-string output) as well as a volume AND tone control mounted on the edge of the pickguard! Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. Price: 5/5. The build quality, fit and finish and fretwork are all top notch. Gibson ES-275 Thinline Gibson ES-275 Thinline. Have a question or want to know more about the T486B? Here’s a lovely piece – from the early 1930’s, an SS Stewart Model 4024 archtop guitar, built by either Regal or Harmony and sold through Buegeleisen and Jacobson, owners of the Stewart brand. Gibson has currently (mid-2019) stopped production of many of its classic jazz guitars, including the iconic ES-175. ⚌Reduced‼ Thomas Ribbecke Halfling Archtop Guitar Red Sunburst 2009, Eastman ER2 El Rey Thinline Archtop Red, 2006, Kay ‘TrueTone’ Speed Demon K573 Thinline Sunburst, 1962, Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean 6119 Thinline Electric Walnut, 1966, Hofner Club 40 Thin Archtop Electric Guitar Natural, 1957, Harrison GB Custom Redwood Burl Top, 2017, Harrison GB Spruce Top Thinline Archtop Amber Tint, 2007, Eastman AR810 CE Archtop Electric Classic Finish, 2005, Levin 335 M2 Archtop Electric Sunburst, 1962, ❌SOLD❌ Douglas Harrison GB Custom Thinline Archtop Sunburst, 2019, Jon Perry CS Series Semihollow Electric Guitar Sunburst, 2014, Gretsch G5622T Electromatic Center Block Double-Cut with Bigsby, Georgia Green, Duesenberg Starplayer TV Phonic Thinline Archtop Electric, Passing Through- 2016 Douglas Harrison GB Custom Archtop Guitar, Hofner HCT500 1 SB Violin Bass Contemporary Beatle Bass, ❌ NO LONGER AVAILABLE ❌ Epiphone Casino ‘Inspired by John Lennon’ Sunburst, Gibson J185 12 String Guitar Maple Natural, 2001, Eastman PCH1 D Dreadnought Steel String Guitar Classic Finish, Boucher Studio Goose SG-21-G OM Hybrid 14 Fret Guitar, ⚌Reduced‼ Beltona T105 Tricone Round Neck Guitar Nickel, 1994, Guild Bluegrass F47 Steel String Acoustic Natural, 1972. PRODUCT SOLD OUT. It is commonly associated … Eastman T386L Lefty Thinline Archtop Electric Guitar w/ Case #0950. Its lower bout is a trim 14 inches rather than the more common 16; it’s made from solid carved mahogany and maple, and it’s outfitted with a pair of Seymour Duncan 59 humbuckers, … It’s built with a carved Spruce top, carved Spalted Flame Maple back and matching sides, and Maple neck with an unbound Ebony fingerboard. Archtop Guitars. ... Eastman T484 14" Archtop Thinline Deluxe Electric Classic w/ Hardshell Case #1285 . Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. $999.00. The top has a pair of F holes, and here they are bound. This Gretsch Anniversary 6118 dates to 1964 and is in very nice condition, with no binding deterioration. Have a question or want to know more about the T186MX? Add Eastman’s rich “Classic” lacquer finish and some very classy ebony appointments and this becomes an unbeatable guitar for that jazz standard repertoire! Get the best price on Archtops at Guitar Center. Here is a treat – a Tony Duggan Smith Mystic, a short scale (21.89 inch, 556mm) cutaway archtop built during 1995 at Duggan-Smith’s Toronto shop. The Eastman T486B Thinline is an excellent take on the classic semi-hollow design introduced by Ted McCarty, president of Gibson, with the 1958 ES-335. Here’s a wonderful rarity and a natural blonde, a Guild GSR x180 archtop electric with a Spruce laminate top, dating to 2013. $80.00 shipping. This Gibson Les Paul Studio T, “new old stock” from 2017 features a fast playing slim taper neck and a modern weight relieved body for a lighter instrument and enhanced resonance. Working guitarists have always been a focus of guitar makers, and the Gibson Tal Farlow represents the involvement of the famous Jazz guitarist Tal Farlow with Gibson. 3 Solid Choices. The top is solid carved Spruce with bound F-holes, and the back is carved, bookmatched Spalted Maple. The Eastman MDC805 Mandocello is a wonderful, rich sounding instrument that works well as a solo, ensemble or accompaniment instrument in a wide range of styles and genres, from Celtic to Classical, Latin and back again. The Godin Montreal Premiere Supreme is a compact, thin body single cutaway archtop guitar. The T 145 is the ideal club jazz guitar; Small comfortable body: fully carved top and back with plenty of acoustic volume yet small enough internal displacement to make it useable on stage without the troublesome feedback issues associated with full body archtops. Staying true to the vision of a lightweight and ergonomically constructed instrument, Romeo-SC features a solid spruce top and mahogany laminate back & sides. The singular vision of blending Nashville soul with Detroit grit into one versatile sound has led to a unique twist for Romeo that captures the ears, hands, and hearts of many playing styles. The Two Tone Smoke Green finish shows natural and expected lacquer checking but the colours are rich and vibrant with very little physical damage otherwise. Gibson produced the first of these in 1959 with the ES-330, and in 1961 extended the design to their Epiphone line as the ES-230 Casino. PRODUCT. Beyond the TrueTone name, this is a Kay K537 model, with an arched top and back body made of laminated Maple, a bolt on Maple neck with bound Rosewood fingerboard and brass frets, floating Rosewood bridge, trapeze tailpiece, and Kluson Deluxe single-line tuners. Based on a carved Flame Maple top on a … or Best Offer. The new Duesenberg Fullerton TV is named after two things – their new US office in Fullerton, California and Gibson’s vintage TV white finish. Acoustic Guitar, … Tony Duggan-Smith has been around the Canadian arts music and film scene for decades. Levin was born in Sweden, apprenticed with a furniture maker and moved to the United States in 1887. This Matthew Woodall Archtop uses a fairly traditional cutaway design, with a 17 inch wide body. The neck is a multi-scale with the center of its length being about 26 inches. The guitar is in good shape. View. TSP158C SBL - NEW! Have a question or want to know more about the T185MX? Precise dating information is not available. A few years ago, Gibson released two US-made versions of this guitar, in sunburst and natural (as the “Revolution” model) in a total production run of 1,965 pieces, and now has released the “Inspired by John Lennon” versions, which are much more affordable, yet still really good instruments. With a thin body depth and floating Lollar pickup, the CL Jazz has exceptional tonal focus and acoustical response. History of a Guitar Builder OttoD'Ambrosio I was eight when my parents gave me a Craftsman vice and a piece of balsa wood for Christmas. Originally, acoustic archtop guitars used solid, carved Spruce tops paired with solid, Maple for the sides and hand carved back. Have a question or want to know more about the T386? 1.75" -thinline 2-2.25" thin(ish) 2.5" and up- just a hollow body that may be a little stringent for most, but i play giant guitars all the time and that's how i see it. This allows for an incredibly versatile range of tones that seduces the imagination from all genres. Free shipping. It does have an adjustable truss rod. Products / Fretted Instruments / Guitar / Acoustic Guitar / TKL LTD™ Arch-Top Thinline Acoustic Guitar Case. Bearing similarities to violin bass construction, the Hofner Club 40 features a sealed, hollow body, with a solid Spruce top and Maple for the sides and flat back. The fingerboard, bridge and tailpiece are Ebony. Top quality Spruce and Red Maple are used for the body, and a three-piece Maple neck carries a Macassar Ebony fingerboard. The Carvin SH550 thinline archtop electric is still available from the successor to Carvin – Kiesel Guitars, run by descendants of Lowell Kiesel, founder of Carvin. Most Archtops are eligible for free shipping. The finish is worn on the neck where it’s been played – the frets are original and have expected wear – but the guitar has been well cared for and the finish is in overall good condition. The City Limits Jazz is a fully appointed all solid wood jazz archtop. Have a question or want to know more about the T64/v? Eastman AR372CESB Archtop Electric Guitar Sunburst w/ Case . The Harrison GB Custom has become a very successful instrument for jazz guitarists, and was developed with the late Gary Benson, a prominent Toronto player and teacher. PRODUCT. The SS Stewart company, named for Samuel Swain Stewart was a major producer of banjos between 1878 and 1904, and was bought by B&J (Buegeleisen and Jacobson) a few years after Stewart’s death. The top is Laminate Spruce, the back and sides Laminate Maple and the neck a five piece layup of Maple and Walnut. Here we’re looking at an Eastman AR810 CE, built during 2005 at the Eastman plant outside Beijing. This is basically a semi-hollow Telecaster with most of the … The archtop guitar is often credited to Orville Gibson, whose innovative designs led to the formation of the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg. Have a question or want to know more about the T146SM? "Jazz and Archtop Specialist" see detailed pics above - please read all the details below!!! Eastman T386 Sunburst Thinline Archtop w/ Hardshell Case Free Shipping. Up for sale, a 1953 Harmony H-50 archtop electric guitar in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. These are a bit hotter than some other Gibson humbuckers, and can really push the front end of an amp for searing crunch and sustain. Have a question or want to know more about the T486? Like most other versions of this design, the Eastman T486B uses pressed Maple Laminate for the top, back and sides, with a Maple block running down the center of the body. Have a question or want to know more about the T64/v-T? In a sense, you could categorize them under hollowbody electric guitars… He went on to play with many jazz greats including Charles Mingus and Artie Shaw. The two humbuckers used on the Gibson Les Paul Studio T are the classic 490R at the neck and 498T  in the bridge position. My dad showed me how to hold and sharpen a handle-less paring … The neck has a compound radius, from 12 to 16 inches. The ES-275 is one … Westville Solar TD Thinline Archtop Jazz Guitar. The Eastman folks just dropped by with a brand-new model, the AR-371 CE and it looks, plays and sounds great. The Jon Perry CS is a single cutaway, thinline guitar built in Toronto using a Maple top and back set on a Mahogany core. the larger ones don't bother me for … Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. On the Eastman, the neck is Maple with a bound Ebony fingerboard sporting Split Block Parallelogram inlays (similar to an ES-345). … Have a question or want to know more about the Romeo? He was a member of the Pukka Orchestra and Neotone after apprenticing with Jean Larrivee and leading the repair department at Ring Music, then run by Bill Wagner and Michael McLuhan (yes that McLuhan. Solid Body. Introduced in 1958 and built until 1980, the Tennessean started as full size, hollow body and single-pickup, plainer version of the 6120. Custom builder of archtop, jazz, flat top, nylon stringed, and bass guitars. D'ANGELICO EXL 1 w case 17" Sunburst Electric Jazz ARCHTOP Guitar … $3,999.00. The body is bound with black and a white/black purfling layer. Tal Farlow lived from 1921 to 1998 and was well known for his chord melody playing, which he developed at an early age. This brand-new Douglas Harrison GB Custom thinline, chambered archtop guitar is just passing through, and we had to show it off. The serial is ‘75194’ with the 75 being a prefix for this model and the ‘194’ its production rank; this serial scheme was used from 1944 to 1950. They really aren’t deep enough to produce sufficient acoustic sound to be used unamplified, as you could with a full-depth archtop acoustic-electric guitar, but their acoustic nature does influence their electric tone. This is the model "J-144 Sorento 4" by „Framus“. Archtop guitars are a natural fit for them. Free shipping. Here we have a very nice Gretsch Anniversary 6118 in Two Tone Smoke Green, built during 1964 in Brooklyn, New York. It was never as popular as its cousin the 500/1 violin or ‘Beatle Bass’, but its more traditional single cutaway guitar shape perhaps works a bit better without a strap. Construction was typical of Gibson’s electric archtop production, with Laminate Maple for the top, sides and back, part of an attempt to reduce feedback at stage volumes. This cool Eastman 405E is similar in construction to the Eastman 403CE, the 405 is a non-cutaway archtop with a 16 inch body and a P-90 pickup. In 1952, the ES175D (for Double pickup) appeared, with a second pickup in the bridge position. The original pickguard is intact and included. Here we’re looking at a Gretsch Chet Atkins 6122 Country Gentleman built during 1963, the same year as Harrison’s. Based on a carved Flame Maple top on a chambered Mahogany back with Mahogany neck and Indian Rosewood fingerboard, this is a very nice guitar aimed towards jazz players. Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. 16 watching. ..... "GOLD BRACKET" Excellent value on this nifty archtop bracket that is compatible with thinline guitars, like the Gibson es-355 thinline archtop. The Douglas Harrison GB  thinline archtop guitar has proven very popular with jazz guitarists. Eastman makes some of the best-value jazz boxes around, and the Eastman AR 503 is a prime example. Archtop guitars (hollow body guitars) – The archtop guitar is the quintessential jazz guitar as it has been used by numerous jazz legends throughout the history of the instrument. Have a question or want to know more about the T59/v? All Rights Reserved •, Gretsch Anniversary 6118 Two Tone Smoke Green 1964, Gibson ES350 Electric Archtop Sunburst 1951, Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Archtop Electric Sunburst, 1947, Gibson ES 275 P90 Thinline Archtop Electric, 2017, Gibson ES125TDC Thinline Archtop Electric Sunburst, 1969, Gretsch Chet Atkins 6122 Country Gentleman Thinline Archtop Walnut, 1963, ⚌Reduced‼ Godin Montreal Premiere Supreme Thinline Flame Top Sunburst, 2013, Guild GSR X180 Archtop Electric Blonde, 2013, Gibson Tal Farlow Custom Archtop Electric Sunburst, 1998, ⚌Reduced‼ Gretsch Country Club G6196TSP-2G Archtop Smoke Gray and Violet, 2010, ⚌Reduced‼ Carvin SH550 Thinline Electric Guitar, 2003, ⚌Reduced‼ Matthew Woodall Archtop Guitar, 1999, Gibson Les Paul Studio T New Old Stock Red, 2016, Eastman T486B Thinline Archtop Electric Vintage Red, Tony Duggan Smith Mystic Short Scale Archtop Blonde, 1995, SS Stewart Model 4024 Archtop Guitar Sunburst, 1930s, Eastman T64V P90 Bigsby Thinline Hollowbody, Amber Antique Varnish, Eastman T59 V Thinline Archtop Electric Antique Varnish, Gibson ES175 Single Pickup Archtop Electric Sunburst, 1966. Archtop Guitars. Here’s a beauty – a Godin Montreal Premiere Supreme thinline archtop electric, with Flame Maple top and back and Trestle-style Spruce bracing. This fine example is in very good condition, and is original except for the addition of a Gibson style, gold plated tune-o-matic bridge in place of the rocking bar bridge. PRODUCT. Now, for those of you that don't like big bulky bodies like these, Squier makes a great affordable version of the Fender Thinline. GSR stands for Guild Special Run, and this example is number 11 of 20 built. Romeo-SC expands the tonal palette of  master luthier Otto D’Ambrosio’s highly acclaimed Romeo thinline. Thinline electrics have slim but fully hollow bodies. Whether as a sideman or the main attraction, this guitar will allow for hours of playing without a trace of fatigue. No cracks. The Harrison CJ 16 is a single-cutaway, 16 inch wide archtop with hand-carved top and back plates, as suggested by the ‘CJ’ for ‘Classic Jazz’ name. $1,499.99. … Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. 2020 Eastman T386-RD Thinline Archtop Electric #1122. For 1949, it received a second pickup. Have a question or want to know more about the T184MX? At this time, Hofner guitars were built in Bubenreuth, Bavaria. Douglas Harrison builds the GB Custom, named after the initial model built for the late Gary Benson, at his shop in Toronto. At its 1947 introduction, the Gibson ES350 was named the ‘ES-350 Premiere’ and was a full body, single cutaway archtop with a single P-90 pickup in the neck position. Built on the concept of the thin bodied yet fully hollow archtop electric guitar, the Eastman T64V delivers the tone, feel and look of early 1960s models. This Harrison GB Spruce top thinline archtop electric in a lovely Amber tint, built during 2008 at Harrison’s shop in Toronto, Canada. or Best Offer. With the Starplayer TV Phonic in an all-over bright Venetian White we are continuing our vision of truly independent hardware design. Beauty F Hole Dove Byrdland Hollow Jazz Electric Guitar Nature Spruce Top Maple. Here’s a very nice, discontinued and rare Gibson ES 275 P90 model from the now-closed Memphis Gibson shop, featuring a fully hollow body and a pair of MHS P90 pickups. The singular vision of blending Nashville soul with Detroit grit into one versatile sound has led … Jon Perry builds in the south western part of downtown Toronto, and builds three basic styles – the CS series, a chambered solidbody creating the impression of a traditional thinline; the AT series, a small bodied archtop guitar; and the S Series of solidbody guitars, often in a ‘T style’ design. Romeo-SC is the first Eastman guitar to include a lipstick style pickup,  via  Seymour Duncan's Vintage Stack in the neck - in addition to a  Seymour Duncan ’59 pickup in the bridge. His 1898 patent for a mandolin, which was also applicable to guitars … Mother of Pearl is used for the headstock Ribbecke and Halfling logos. This guitar appears to be all original, with one subtle modification – the black plastic pickup inserts have been removed and flipped to be all black, with the ‘Gretsch’ logo hidden and facing down. The Eastman AR810 CE , for Cutaway Electric, is one of the best deals for a traditional arched top guitar with solid carved Spruce top and Maple back, and Venetian cutaway. Plays and sounds good. One of Harmony's earliest electric archtop offerings and also one of their most visually and … The new Gretsch G5622T Electromatic® Center Block Double-Cut with Bigsby® in a Georgia Green metallic finish, sporting Super Hilo’Tron™ pickups features a chambered spruce center block for dynamic resonance, high gain power and lightweight comfort. One of Gibson's most storied professional archtop models and their first ever thinline hollowbody, the Byrdland is an amalgam of the names of its co-creators, session guitarists Hank Garland and Billy Byrd. Have a question or want to know more about the T484? These guitars were immediate hits with professional players and serious amateurs in many genres – Jazz, Pop, and Country were the most common and the ES-175 was a standard for jazz players from its introduction until being recently discontinued. The ES-350 was built from 1947 to 1956, and for 1957 received a thinner body and new name – the ES-350T, the T standing for Thinline. If you are looking for a decent jazz box, your search may be over. Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. The Eastman ER2 El Rey is designed to produce a full archtop sound from a smaller, much lighter body – it is only 14 inches across, a bit bigger than a Gibson Les Paul. Romeo-SC expands the tonal palette of  master luthier Otto D’Ambrosio’s highly acclaimed Romeo thinline. Levin Instruments was founded in 1900 by Herman Carlson Levin. Around 1957, Gibson was looking to update its product line to address a number of issues, one of which was the rise in amplified stage volumes causing feedback. $979.00. Have a question or want to know more about the Romeo-SC? The St. Charles Avenue archtop guitar is a hand carved 15-inch or 17-inch archtop guitar that is capable of producing a clear acoustic sound with great volume while delivering a classic mellow tone with excellent sustain when amplified… Eastman T484 Thinline Archtop Electric Guitar Seymour Duncan - … The Gretsch Country Club appeared in 1954 as one of Gretsch’s early electric guitars and targeted at the higher end jazz player needing a full size, 17 inch body and solid Spruce top. This is Stewart archtop guitar made by Harmony in the 1960's. With a thin body depth and floating Lollar pickup, the CL Jazz has exceptional tonal focus and acoustical response. It’s also the first guitar in the lineup to feature a beautiful Red Burst finish, found exclusively on Romeo. As the first model in our Starplayer TV line it features our new spectacular ‘Phonico’ pickup covers and the 4-way rotary pickup selector placed at the cutaway. For 1961, however, Gretsch made dramatic changes to many models and the 6119 gained the new, sealed ElectroTone body and a pair of new single coil HiLo’Tron pickups. The Carvin SH550 thinline archtop electric is still available from the successor to Carvin – Kiesel Guitars, run by descendants of Lowell Kiesel, founder of Carvin. Jazz Boxes. Single Kent Armstrong humbucker … Douglas Harrison CJ 16 Archtop Guitar, 2019 – With New Video! One of his current projects is the Apprehension Engine, an instrument specifically designed for use in horror films. Thinline. Not satisfied that the Eastman AR805CE is one of the most popular jazz guitars in North America … the folks at Eastman keep asking for feedback from dealers & players … and keep IMPROVING it!!! Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. Levin also offered the 335 as a fully acoustic model. It's had a neck set at one time. That model was quickly picked up by British players including Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison who used theirs on many hits. However, in 1905 Orville Gibson’s company began producing mandolin family instruments, including Mandocello models that drew from his blending of violin and guitar concepts. TKL LTD™ Arch-Top Thinline Acoustic Guitar Case TKL 8854. The Casino was very important in the Epiphone line during the 1960’s, and was introduced to compete with the Gibson ES-330. The Mandocello had been in existence for some centuries in Europe, beginning with flat back and then bowl back. Co, Ltd in 1902. The body, neck, headstock and pickguard are bound with Roasted Maple, and the bridge and tailpiece are Macassar Ebony. Eastman AR580CE-HB Archtop Electric in Honeyburst w/ Case #0458. Handmade at his Rhode Island workshop, the Campellone 16 Custom is a Venetian cutaway guitar … Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. ),  and has also over a decade of work in the film industry. Framus was a german luthier, who produced many kinds of instruments during the golden age of german guitarmaking between the 50s and the 80s. However, once pickups and amplifiers became more available and standard equipment, it was discovered that the tonal subtleties of the solid Spruce top could be overwhelmed by feedback. 3/32" bass side 12th fret, 2/32" treble side 12th fret. TSP158C STR - NEW! We’ve just received a shipment of CT basses including the Hofner HCT-500 1 SB, great reproductions of vintage Hofner instruments! In 1965, a member of an obscure band known as “The Beatles” – Paul McCartney – began using one for studio work – and John Lennon and George Harrison got theirs in 1966. Here’s an excellent brand new Douglas Harrison CJ 16 custom archtop guitar, in Spruce and Red Maple with a Lollar Gold Foil pickup! 0 Comments. One of the classic musical workhorses, the Gibson ES175 single pickup guitar made its debut in 1949 with a P-90 at the neck, with the pickup updated to the all-new humbucker in 1957. Eastman's got you covered - the T484 thinline archtop electric guitar has a smaller body size than the T486 and is ready for action. The GB Custom is a very popular model and shows off Harrison’s skill. Godin 5th Avenue CW Electric Guitar. The Eastman T59 V is a take on one of the most successful and influential of Ted McCarty’s innovations, the thinline, semi-hollow archtop electric guitar. After some carpentry work, he found a position in a guitar factory in 1888 but after three years started an independent company in New York City.